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Telecom Portfolio Management

It’s no surprise that executives responsible for managing network services are constantly being asked to do more with less; an extreme challenge for companies with already limited resources to oversee vendors, contracts, performance and rates for multiple telecom, data and wireless services across many geographic locations.

Oncept provides competitive benchmarking for global rate alignment, procurement strategies for vendor management, network optimization modeling and worldwide mobility cost management services to help large corporations make informed decisions about their portfolio of network services and realize millions in savings and resource efficiencies.


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Oncept featured in "The Case for Global Network Portfolio Management" published by the Voice Report.
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Fast REP in Telecom
Risk Management for Bandwidth Acquisition and Sales - Fast REP is a new risk management tool with applications to bandwidth…
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Multi-vendor MPLS Architecture
An Oncept analysis of different MPLS architectures and pricing schemes to determine which are the most cost effective while managing…
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Surprising Pricing Relationships
Even when geographical and temporal non-arbitrage conditions are fulfilled in bandwidth pricing, opportunities for arbitrage still exist. (Risk Magazine Special…
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Oncept Mobility Optimization
A description and case study of the optimization framework that Oncept has developed to help companies navigate throug the dizzying…
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Commodity Pricing Fundamentals & Telecommodity Applications
This article outlines three methods generally used in security valuation and pricing: Arbitrage principles, fundamental…
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Oncept Calling Card Optimization
An introduction to Oncept's Calling Card Plan optimization tool that analyzes call traffic patterns and other relevant factors in order…
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Proven, Measurable Success
Oncept provides our clients with a competitive edge when it comes to optimizing their telecom and data budgets.
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