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Mobility Optimization

Mobility Optimization

The proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise has enhanced employee productivity, but also comes at a considerable cost to the organization. Employees in different regions and countries, multiple vendors and rate plans, differing usage requirements, changing user base and usage modes make it increasingly difficult to choose the optimal mobile solution and gain control over your wireless operational expenses. Containing costs without compromising convenience is the directive.

Oncept offers the following Mobility Cost Management services to help you effectively manage and contain your wireless spend.


Mobility Optimization

Oncept offers a managed service for Mobility Cost Management that includes continuous rate plan optimization, voice pooling and feature audits, as well as timely and equitable chargebacks to the appropriate costs centers. Oncept not only delivers typical savings of $15-30 per user/month for corporate liable accounts, we also take on the administrative burden of managing, supporting and reporting on cellular service plans and saving our clients valuable time, resources and money.

Our optimization tool is also useful in addressing the growing cost of mobile data plans, a rapidly growing expense as more and more wireless professionals add e-mail and other messaging capabilities to their wireless plans.


International Mobility Benchmarking

Many companies offer mobility optimization services for companies operating solely in North America, but cannot meet the needs of companies looking to control mobile expenses in other markets. Oncept provides mobility benchmarking services for most countries throughout the world and has extensive experience working with leading multinational corporations to generate savings through negotiations and sourcing of competitive rate plans.


Mobility Sourcing and Design

Customers with large mobile workforces rely on Oncept to provide guidance not only for optimization and benchmarking, but also for contract negotiation (re-negotiation), procurement and selection of mobile service providers worldwide.

Oncept will design regional or domestic mobile RFPs tailored to the client’s needs and usage profile in order to minimize cost and maximize flexibility of service plans.

Oncept is also able to structure voice VPN’s that offer creative solutions to control and reduce excessive and unpredictable roaming charges, a critical issue for companies with an internationally mobile workforce, particularly those with a presence in EMEA countries.


Mobile Alert Platform (MAP)

MAP is a pro-active cost containment tool for mobile services that communicates real-time alerts and offers users lower cost alternatives to habitual, but often unnecessarily expensive calling behavior, such as:
High cost directory information calls
Roaming costs
Soon to exceed thresholds (minutes, SMS, etc.)
Expensive toll numbers

Corporations using MAP benefit from upfront savings by precluding the charges from being incurred and eliminating the need to educate the user or try to recover costs at a later date.

Mobility Cost Savings Projection

If you are looking for the business case justification to implement a mobility cost savings program, contact Oncept for a free report that can define your potential savings opportunity.

Partner with OnceptMobility

Oncept works with leading Wireless Expense Management (WEM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) service providers to provide our Mobile Alert Platform (MAP) and complementary wireless optimization, benchmarking and sourcing services. If you are interested in partnering with Oncept, please contact us.