The Oncept Consulting Group was established in 1999 with a singular objective: to be the definitive consultative resource for enabling corporate executives to make strategic business decisions.

Over the years, we built and refined a methodology for assisting Fortune 500 business leaders in identifying and defining their most critical and timely issues. With a team of industry analysts and subject matter experts, Oncept is able to provide a thorough and intuitive analysis of these problems and model the environment in which they exist in order to provide insight into the key factors and options that will shape the decision-making process.

Oncept’s original focus was on Telecommunications benchmarking, and the company has developed a robust consulting business around this work. Oncept expanded into other domains based on a market demand for new services.

In 2018, the company will be split into Oncept Consulting, focused on the Telecommunications business, and Oncept Trading, focusing on energy trading. This site is dedicated to Oncept’s Telecommunications business. Click here for the Oncept Trading site.