Service & Solutions

Engagement Models

Oncept offers a variety of engagement models to address the differing levels of service required by our clients from one-time consulting projects to ongoing and fully-outsourced engagements.

  • Benchmarking Engagements

    • One-time benchmarking

      Allows the customer to benchmark the telecom rates for any of their active telecom service contracts

    • Basic ongoing benchmarking

      An on-demand service that allows the clients to “check” benchmarks with an Oncept pricing expert prior to making a decision to purchase, upgrade or add new sites for any telecom service

    • Enhanced ongoing benchmarking

      In addition the Basic Ongoing Benchmarking Service, includes guidance on

      • Negotiation strategy and position
      • Insight on global pricing trends and vendor capabilities
      • Contract and SLA reviews and recommendation for improvement
      • Contract audits to uncover rate discrepancies

  • Sourcing Engagements & Contract Negotiations

    Sourcing engagements include benchmarking, RFX development and management , as well as contract negotiations

  • Fully Outsourced Telecom Lifecycle Management

    For companies looking to retain Oncept to manage the procurement function through each step of the telecom lifecycle