Custom Projects

Carrier Competitiveness Assessments

Oncept’s fair market benchmark methodology can benefit buyers of telecom services and carriers alike. For carriers considering new market entry or new service offerings, Oncept can provide insight to those trying to understand the market dynamics of a particular region or country in areas such as:

  • Pricing of WAN and broadband services
  • Competitive pricing for SIP, inbound, and outbound minutes
  • Competitive pricing on cloud services, colocation, and device management

Oncept’s thorough understanding of market dynamics and ability to compute market relevant pricing targets also helps carriers ensure that their pricing strategy is competitive for strategic RFPs or in the context of a market share expansion effort.

  • Benchmarking responses to RFPs
  • Post-Mortem analysis of offers that did not result in a sale
  • Assistance in negotiating local loop and NNI agreements

Oncept also works as a neutral 3rd party benchmarking consultant as agreed to between the client and carrier helping to ensure the continual alignment of pricing at benchmark rates for the duration of the contract.