Strategic Procurement

  • Oncept helps our customers adopt and execute best-practice procurement strategies for proposal and vendor management.

    We tailor our engagements to match the client’s needs during the RFX process from partnering as a “shadow advisor” to fully managing the outsourced proposal process. Regardless of our level of involvement, we work on the client’s behalf to drive efficiencies in the design, administration and execution of the strategic sourcing process driving accelerated timelines, incremental cost savings and more robust solutions.

    Our strategic procurement services include:

    • RFQ/RFP creation and management
    • Supplier assessment and selection
    • Dynamic bid and reverse auction management
    • SLA metric and penalty definitions
    • Pricing analysis
    • Balance of trade considerations
    • Bidding and award scenarios
    • Outsourcing options
    • Contract templates
    • Contract negotiations

  • Contract Development & Negotiations

    Oncept has extensive experience negotiating telecom contracts with carriers all over the world. Oncept leverages our fair market benchmarks and focuses on key commercial terms and SLAs to protect our customer’s interests

    • Contract benchmarking
      • Contract best practices
      • Must-have commercial terms
    • Contract negotiation
      • Negotiation strategy and guidance only
      • Negotiation with the client
      • Fully outsourced negotiation