Lifecycle Management

Network Optimization

Oncept works with network architects and planners to provide optimization modeling and design assessments that take into account key factors, such as cost, service availability, risk of network failure, latency, and vendor resiliency, in order to configure solutions that maximize network efficiencies in coverage, capacity, cost savings and overall performance. Following is a description of network optimization consulting both as standalone consultations or included as part of a Telecom Lifecycle Management engagement.

Technology Migrations

SD-WAN Migration

Recently, we have seen the advent of SDWAN solutions and a multitude of broadband options. Broadband is by nature a local solution and finding global vendors at competitive prices can be a challenge with the vast differences in SLAs and performance. Oncept can advise clients on the key consideration criteria when assessing a multitude of broadband options

MPLS Migration

Oncept understands the effort required to plan and design an efficient transition from legacy technologies to an MPLS-based architecture. Realizing that few vendors can provide a worldwide native on-net footprint at competitive rates, we have developed an optimization engine to help clients successfully deploy multi-vendor MPLS networks. Compared to a single vendor solution, these multi-vendor MPLS networks result in added resilience, diversity and lower costs

SIP Migration

Voice pricing is collapsing as businesses are replacing voice networks with less costly SIP (voice over data) solutions…

International Expansion

Oncept can provide guidance on pricing, qualified vendor capabilities, cost, resiliency and other market and network configuration options for customers looking to expand into new and hard to reach international markets.

Network Consolidations or Splits

Companies facing corporate acquisitions or divestitures need to look at the spend implications and transformation costs of merging or decoupling corporate networks, vendor relationships and contracts for their telecom networks

Tradeoff Analysis

Oncept can quantify “balance of trade” considerations and other tradeoffs specific to a customer’s circumstances in order to help qualify and determine the optimal number of carriers to provision a network